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    Twitter 10,000 character tweets...

    Oh god please no. Twitter is fun because of how snarky, witty, brilliant you can be with 140 characters to a public audience. 10,000 characters for a message is cool and more than enough – that’s where you can expand to anyway. But to have that length for tweets just sucks, and I’d be pretty bummed out by it.
    I’d actually love to see how many users (e.g. before the rollout vs after the rollout) still default to 140 characters, or a rough approximation of it. I know that I personally keep my DMs short as a force of habit.

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    I think it’ll depend on implementation.
    I could see them keeping the Twitter feed to 140 character tweets… but adding a "More" function… or an embedded long-form content block similar to embedded Twitter cards and quoted-tweets.
    I don’t see them just upping the character limit from 140 to 10,000 so that people can post essays (like Facebook statuses sometimes become).
    I also don’t see them truncating 140+ tweets with a "… read more" link. I think the core tweet will stay 140 character, with a separate text box where you could write 10,000 more chars.

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    Yes, now more space to spout some nonsense, shame and troll someone all with inhumanely long hashtags…../s
    One thing i wonder about is i have seen so many people get in hot soup over some stupid tweet and their cop-out always seem to be that it was hard to explain the context of their tweet in 140-characters.

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    I’ve used twitter for 8 years. I love it. There are far better places to go on at length and the Direct Message function has a much larger character limit.
    It’s like a cocktail party where you can mingle, keep it short and public, or have a private chat with one or small group of people in DM with no character length limits.
    However, if public tweets went to 10,000 characters, I think I’d stop using it so regularly. The politics on there is bad enough already. The character limit keeps it sane.
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