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    Finally! I beat the Trial of Swords...

    In some farcical aquatic ceremony, no less.
    And congrats to wingzero0, even tho I’ve never played that game and have no idea what that’s all about (I’m guessing it’s a pretty major achievement in that game).

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    It is!
    Especially considering that I’ve yet to complete the game. It’s pretty exciting to take everything you’ve learned about combat, cooking, enemies, strategy and put it all to the ultimate test.
    Being stripped back to just the barest of tools, your Slate, you go against some pretty high odds.
    It was exhilarating to defeat that very last floor on the Final Trials!

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    The ancient arrows definitely came in handy, but it does take a bit of planning ahead to defeat this entire trial.
    Remind me of the manga, All You Need Is Kill.
    You have to keep getting better with each death.

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    I like it a lot less than the remote island shrine quest. Combat is by far the weakest part of BotW, and also I feel like if you don’t google the best cooking recipes you have no chance of ever beating it.

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    I died promptly on Eventide….numerous times.
    It was fun once I defeated it though.
    And that’s what makes the Trials so great! It’s Eventide cranked to 11.

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