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    Cross Play Gaming: How important to you?


    Yea I feel like there’s two issues getting conflated. If Sony doesn’t want to have cross play, screw em. People will vote with their wallet next time around if cross-play is important to them. It is for me which is why I’ll never buy a Playstation.
    What is egregious is them hold Epic accounts hostage. That is so stunningly dick-ish that there really isn’t any justification for it. "For the players"

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    What is egregious is them hold Epic accounts hostage.
    Do we even know for sure it is Sony’s fault? It could also be as simple as Epic taking the past of least resistance when designing how their accounts work. It is definitely a crappy situation, but unfair to blame one party, when there are 2 parties in the mix without any proof.
    For the record, I haven’t really been following this closely, so there is easily been something that I have missed, I have just seen people assume it was a Sony issue, probably because it is Sony with the non-cross play policy. As you said, two issues that are getting conflated.

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    Doesn’t effect me, the games I play or who I play with so it won’t change my personal purchasing decisions.
    But it still really dislike their choices here, especially after their whole initial push of being "for gamers" when they launched the PS4. But that’s the difference between playing catchup and being in the lead I suppose.

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    I’m not much of an online gamer personally so it’ll have very little to no impact on my next console purchase.
    It is curious about Sony’s current stance because they did allow Rockstar Network accounts to be recycled b/w Playstation and PC (on GTA5 at least)

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