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    Freelance writers are rebelling against The Outline, from Josh Topolsky

    The Outline was certainly experimental. Their business model always felt weird, not a surprise that it may not be going well. Obviously they aren’t quite dead yet, but it ain’t looking good.
    Huh, it looks like the got rid of that creepy fish-arrow thing that used to haunt the site.

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    I like the idea behind them, though the specific fish one was just really weird looking. The website was so poorly designed with regards to actually reading and navigating content when it launched, that some of my irritation probably landed on that damn fish-arrow.
    Seems they’ve cleaned up the design a bit since then, no more horizontal scrolling which didn’t work on desktop.

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    Here’s the thing: Running a business is hard, and running the financial aspect of it is the hardest part. Josh needs someone to help in that aspect and let himself take care of the content part.

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    They have the money, they just don’t want full-time writers, don’t know why. 21 million doesn’t disappear overnight. Maybe they trying to stretch that money out, but according to another article, they could have way more than 20 mill in venture money but Josh doesn’t want to use a lot of Venture money it seems.

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