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    A think a direct sequel could be great.
    BotW left a ton of unanswered questions to be accounted for. Continuing the story, maybe letting us choose whether to play as Link or Zelda, would do wonders for this world.
    Also, they can expand on it.

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    Zelda BotW: Sequel or entirely new game?

    A direct sequel doesn’t really interest me much, since BotW’s story wasn’t really it’s main draw. I’d be really interested in a different world, ala Majora’s Mask, or perhaps Link’s Awakening. Something wild and different, with a new set of legends/myths.
    Or do something really different, like a game set in the future of that world, ala the Motorcycle Link concept they mentioned. Really I just want the games to take risks, but that’s always my push.

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    Agreed. Put me down in the "direct sequel" camp – I want to see what the world is like after the events of the original.
    It’s tricky though – do you set in further in the future so that the overworld map can be different? Do you pull a Majora’s Mask and send Link to another world? Or do you admit that maybe the world of Hyrule is bigger than whatever this one continent is and just send him to another land entirely?
    Either way, I’m already in.

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    As long as they continue not jamming that story down the players’ throats.
    One of BOTW’s huge plusses for me is the lack of the long, meandering, unskippable cutscenes that have become annoyingly common.
    If I want to watch a story, I’ll watch a movie, thanks! But when I’m playing a game, let me play, dammit!

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