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    What Music Streaming Service Do You Like the Best?

    Rdio FTW
    Nice UI, clean and minimal
    Chromecast support :works fairly flawless, MUCH better than Google Play Music does
    Remote Control Mode: allows me to remote control off web and mobile app sessions
    Roku app
    Fire TV app
    Web app
    iOS, Android and Windows Phone support, (never tested the Windows Phone app, so I dont know if its up to par feature wise, but at least it exists and seems to get updated somewhat frequently)
    App can be SLOW at times (although the latest Android beta is quite snappy)
    Stations are not as good as Songaza (now Google Play) or Beats Music (now Apple Music)

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    The once-appalling app has now been fixed (for Android at least) and no longer crashes all the time; the dev support team is second-to-none IME.
    The remote control feature is a godsend; I can be in the kitchen preparing dinner and switch tracks and then move to the living room and control it from another device. For those that have Sonos et al., Chromecast means you don’t have to suffer the limitations of the Sonos app.
    The [your radio_station] algorithm can be a bit dodgy at times (eg favouriting Vangelis’s Bladerunner album results in Rdio deciding that the class of album it is; ie soundtrack; is more important than other qualities, so insists on occasionally playing Hans Zimmer & co – not my bag, and the thumbs down hasn’t done its magic there).
    On the other hand, tracks are played in theme sequences; 3-4 songs of the same type; rock, IDM etc which helps with the flow nicely.
    320kbps AAC is, I believe, second only in quality to Tidal/Deezer Hi Fi. I find it extremely difficult to tell the diiference between that and an uncompressed digital or analogue source.

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    For a while it was Google Music (it still is I guess), but having Flash as a requirement has made me use it less. I don’t have Flash installed on my computer anymore and I don’t use Chrome as my default browser. It’s nice to be able to go anywhere in the world, log into my Google account on a computer and play my entire library though.
    I use the iPhone app a lot more than the web app. Since I only have 16GB of space available, it’s nice to be able to cache and delete music from my phone all the while still having access to all of my music. I would use the radio service a lot more but the stupid data caps get in my way. So I have a limited amount of space on my phone and data caps on my network. I guess Google music is the best compromise.
    I’m probably going to get the 128GB iPhone 6s this time around and just use local storage. It doesn’t look like data caps are going anywhere and I already have a huge library of music. Anything I don’t have I can just use Soundcloud, Audiomack, Youtube, or the many other free music services.

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    Spotify for me works the best. It simply works and has pretty much every artist I would want to listen to even weird completely indie stuff. Rdio I like their $4/month plan but they dont seem to have the same artists spotify does nor does their music discovery algorithms work as good as spotifys does. Plus their android app ALWAYSmessed up for me. Need to keep clearing the cache on it and sign back in for it to work. Others are complaining a lot about this too and rdio hasnt fixed it in a long time now. So I went back to spotify.

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