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    Why Donald Trump won the elections? Best explanation!

    "America is suffering. Unemployment is high, and worse, the government is trying to distort statistics to show otherwise"
    This is just unfounded, conspiracy theory BS. By any objective measure, Obama dragged the US out of the depths of the Great Recession and brought improvements to middle class earnings for the first time in 30 years. All of that progress is about to be lost.
    The media wasn’t too hard on Trump — they weren’t hard enough. Stirring up racist sentiment, openly bragging about committing sexual assault, threatening to throw your opponent (who hasn’t been charged with a crime) into prison if you win — these are things fascists do and say.
    Trump wasn’t supported by the majority. The majority voted for Clinton. Trump won based on the uneducated rural vote, which is given disproportionate weight by the electoral college. These people are the ones living in a bubble. The rest of us know people of other ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations. We understand that they’re now threatened by this fascist president.

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    How do you explain that people who voted for Obama twice now voted Trump? What do they have in common? A message of change. Not more racism or sexism. The citizens rightfully recognized that the current system is failing them. How can you blame them? The banks and bankers got saved, the people lost their homes. How is that fair? The influence of big money in Washington is so obvious to a point that politicians are not even hiding it anymore. How can this work for a long period of time? That trump became the vessel for this against Hillary who stands for this current system like almost no other is unfortunate, but is explaexplain without insulting his voter base.

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    The banks and bankers got saved, the people lost their homes. How is that fair? The influence of big money in Washington is so obvious to a point that politicians are not even hiding it anymore
    Did you know that Trump is looking at either someone from Goldman Sachs or the CEO of JPMorgan as his Treasury secretary?
    Or maybe you thought those picks were emblamatic of the troubles faced by Middle America.
    Did you know that Peter Thiel – the billionaire that bankrolled Gawker Media into oblivion just because he could afford to – is on his Transition Team.
    A lot of the other suspected players in a Trump cabinet are the definition of Big Money. The poor working class just played themselves.

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    Yeah, people are dumb. Do you think half the people who voted for Trump- hell- voted at all, could name any of the policies of Trump or Clinton? Do you think this is the result of an informed electorate? Of course not, and that’s whats wrong with most of this Monday morning quarterbacking- the assumption that people vote based upon policy or anything remotely tangible. They vote based on messaging, on how well a candidate can present themselves, on what’s been said in the news that week and party lines. Trump said he’d "Make America Great Again" and what did Hillary say? Better together, Love Trumps Hate and other vague platitudes that say little about anything.
    People can be strung along on issues but rarely their solutions, and never on anything beyond a surface level and perhaps that’s what made Trump’s campaign so genius. People don’t want nuance, they don’t have the time or attention span so he didn’t give them nuanced answers. Immigration? Let’s build a wall. Radicalized Islam? Ban Muslims. Lost jobs? Cut trade agreements and something something China.
    The most anyone can make out of this loss is that Clinton was a weak candidate and you didn’t need to wait for election day to see that. It’s something we knew since the day she stepped up to the plate. She had the same weaknesses she had when she ran against Obama and nearly a quarter century’s worth of ginned up controversy and it didn’t matter how bullshit any of it was. Her brand was already damaged goods. People already had a bad taste in their mouth with Clinton. It doesn’t have much to do with the Democratic platform or a cry for more progressivism, it doesn’t even have all that much to do with Globalism- I mean Obama is going to leave office with a 53% approval rating which is huge for any exiting President. This was a matter of a shitty candidate and a dumb electorate which makes decisions based on whether or not someone screams when they get excited or if someone wears too many pantsuits. Any idea of people voting en masse based of TPP is a delusional dream based on the notion of an electorate that actually pays attention.

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