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    Best combination of monitor size and resolution for a developer?

    If you really need a ton of vertical space, have you considered getting a 24" or 27" monitor and turning it sideways? It has never appealed to me personally, but I occasionally see devs that have a landscape monitor for general purpose tasks and a portrait monitor for their text editor/IDE.
    A 24" 16:9 portrait monitor has a height of 53cm, whereas a 27" 16:9 landscape monitor only has a height of 33cm. You’d need a 38" monitor in landscape to match the vertical space of a 24" portrait.
    The second chart on this page has some numbers you can play around with to see what might work best for you.

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    Personally I’m using 2x 19201200 24"s and a single 1440900 19" off to the side. Works okay for me but I really miss the 27" 4Ks I have at home (I’m not sure SSMS and VisualStudio scale properly though so maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have hidpi at work)
    Don’t go down to 1080p if you can help it – the extra vertical space you get from 19201200 is well worth the modest extra cost

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    I know there’s gonna be a lot of people who say that developing on 1080p is a little low for modern devices, but 1080p’s got a lot of advantages over slightly larger resolutions like 19201200 and even ones like QHD and 4K:

    • 1080p is probably the most common screen/market size for all people on all types of devices
    • 1080p has, by far, the most content that is native to the resolution
    • There’s tons of programs out there already that were developed for and support 1080p
    • Any half-way decent computer can support multiple 1080p displays without too much stress
    • Because 1080p is so common, data standards in ports like Mini DP and HDMI are often built so that you can use multiple 1080p displays but not multiple displays of higher resolution
    • You said it yourself – you can get ’em real cheap these days

    I think multiple 1080p displays are more useful than higher-resoluyion displas – even UltraWides. I use a pair of HP 27es that are always $189.99, but go on sale all the time. I love ’em, but the choice is yours.

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