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    Can we talk about Musk's recent attacks on a Thai rescue official and diver?

    Previously, Unsworth had described Musk’s offer to help the rescue effort as a "PR stunt", and had told CNN Musk could "stick his submarine where it hurts".
    Both were idiots. Letting their egos take center stage over the real issue. Musk should have been the bigger man and not been baited. Seems like he has a hard time doing that, or with any criticism. Guy needs a Twitter break, or maybe a PR manager.

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    I saw that one. Despicable really.
    He also had another tweet. Someone asked him a question about worker safety at the Gigafactory. All he had to do was provide factual information suggesting the factory was safe, or even ignore the tweet. But instead, he read their bio and saw they work in the field of Nanotechnology and called it BS.

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    Both were definitely immature, but why couldn’t Musk just insult the guy’s intelligence and leave it at that? That would have been seen as immature, sure, but it would’ve blown over much better than this. This is going to linger and lead to a lawsuit, which I can’t say I blame the diver. That was a serious accusation.

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    Meh. They’re both humans. Tempers flare, and they said things they shouldn’t have. They should just apologize and move on. I don’t understand why this is such a big issue. Everyone has had worse spats than this in everyday life. Just because they’re celebrities/in the media doesn’t mean that they aren’t flawed human beings that say things they shouldn’t in the heat of argument.

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