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    What games are you playing this weekend?

    Personally, I’m gonna put my mind into finishing Lost Sphere, a JRPG. Got it for when I finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but haven’t really just locked into quite.
    I certainly want to finish it before games like Octopath Traveler launch.

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    Wassup, Wing! The weather here has just started clearing up (finally…PacNW USA here), so not much on a screen for me this weekend. Taking my dog on a hike!
    But until this past week I’ve been hammering back to older games I had on my Xbox and having a good ol’ time.

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    It’s hell week for me with finals here and next week being my last of the semester, but I’ve been indulging in master mode in BotW and started getting really into ARMS again for the first time since I got it and got completely distracted by Splatoon 2.

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    Im travelling down to Provence by train this weekend so wil be playing Civ 6 on the iPad. At home still playing BotW when I get time

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    Depending on how busy and/or tired I’ll be this weekend, there are several gaming possibilities:
    Star Trek Online
    Star Wars: The Old Republic
    Guild Wars 2
    Star Citizen
    I’m not on as much anymore these days, but I’m a fleet/guild leader so I kinda have to be in there every so often to check on my "troops" and make sure everyone’s all right.

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