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    As of 2018: Oculus Rift or HTC Vive?

    I may be biased since I’ve got a Rift, but I think the Rift is easily the better buy at the moment.
    To go through your list:
    Games – Rift, easily. The Vive needs a hack to play Oculus games, the Rift can play everything (with maybe one or two exceptions) on Steam.
    Controls – Rift by a mile. The Touch controllers are fantastic and very well built. Valve are working on new controllers for SteamVR, but there’s no sign of when they might be released or how much they might cost.
    Immersion – This one is more personal. The Rift has less screendoor effect (text tends to be easier to read) and a bigger sweet spot for the lenses (means you can look around with your eyes without it looking blury), it does have pronounced god-rays in high contrast scenes though. The vive has a larger FoV and a brighter screen, plus it can accomodate glasses better than the Rift (although I manage okay with mine).
    Build Quality – I don’t think there’s much difference in the HMD build quality, but Oculus support seems to be much better than HTC. However, the build quality of the Touch controllers is way better than the Vive wands.
    Platform – I think Oculus wins here pretty easily as well. The new Oculus Home and Dash software are great, and Oculus have put a lot of work into enabling low-end systems (for VR, 1050ti/1060) to get really good results.
    One final note on tracking. Both the Rift and Vive have great tracking, but they both take a bit of setting up. With the Rift then main issue is sorting out USB ports and extensions for the sensors, but with 3 sensors (it comes with two which is fine for small rooms) the tracking is great. The Vive manages great tracking without the USBissues and with only two ligthhouses, and it can handle a larger area. However, with a space of 3m x 3m you can setup both the Rift and Vive to give pretty much perfect tracking.

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    I have the third option – one of the Windows MR headsets, the Samsung Odyssey.
    The hardware is solid – the screens are actually on-par with the Vive Pro. I also love that I just need to connect two cables to my computer, plus make sure it has Bluetooth, and with just that, I have decent self-tracking headset – no extra external hardware.
    What I dislike is the current state of the software ecosystem around VR in Windows, especially with Windows MR. It’s so incredibly frustrating that such a nascent market, with such a limited target audience, is already fragmented across three distinct ecosystems.
    I can’t speak to the experience of using a Rift or a Vive directly, but the fact their ecosystems aren’t compatible without hacks just get worse when you add Windows MR to the equation, which is a third ecosystem that mostlyworks with Steam VR. So, that’s what I can offer in terms of advice – either way you go, you’re kind of locking yourself in – which is a weird, frustrating state to be in considering how "open" the PC gaming market generally is.
    If you’re hell-bent on it, there’s definitely some cool experiences out there, but I really feel like the software has a long way to go: not just the actual VR experiences, but the experience of getting to those experiences. Maybe I’m just spoiled by PlayStation VR, which obviously has no issue with ecosystem fragmentation.

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    Thanks!! I think windows MR is a bit too nascent for me though.

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    Man I’m all about the OCULUS RICT. Has all the best VR experiences Like Lorkys Toll and Sir Trak: Bildge Camantor.

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