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    What are your favourite fitness apps?

    Thanks a lot for the lengthy response. I know that diet is a huge factor in weight loss but sometimes I don’t exactly feel like the most inspired cook. Is there anything you found that helped you make/prepare better meals? I also don’t eat fish which I know a lot of people recommend as a substitute for other meats.

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    Diet is a huge topic and a multi-billion dollar industry. I can’t give you a definitive answer, certainly not a pithy one but I can share a few thoughts:
    1) It’s about a healthy lifestyle and long-term diet changes not short term fads albeit you will go from losing weight to wanting to maintain a weight
    2) Ars Technica has a good article on why the calorie is broken that is worth a read. So high level calorie counting is ok but don’t obsess, focus on eating clean
    3) Balanced nutrition. I am a vegetarian moving towards veganism so I can’t really tell you about meat but eat the lean bits, have plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds etc in your diet. Without bias, you don’t need a lot of meat in your diet but if you have, go for a "white" over a "red".
    4) Focus on slow-release energy and carbs e.g. brown rice, quinoa; cut out bread, white flour especially but reduce carbs to what you need.
    5) Keep your mealtimes regular and consistent. It’s always better to divide up your food between more meals if you can (e.g. 6 half-portion meals vs 3 full-portion meals) but most people don’t have time for that.
    6) Focus on eating as much as you need rather than how much you want. Don’t eat until you are full (when I do that I end up feeling overfull). Eat slowly until you’re not sure you don’t have a real hunger and stop, 15 mins later you’ll feel hungry (there’s a lag time for your stomach to tell your brain you are full).
    7) People recommend oily fish for certain omega fats especially but you can substitute with flaxseed and a few other things.
    8) Cutting down on the alcohol consumption can help a lot (calories in beer, mixers plus more energy to get up and be active).

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    Fitbit… what a big joke.
    Just figure out your caloric needs, track your food intake w/ Myfitnesspal, and start lifting w/ some running sprinkled in, and you’ll be in a better place in a matter of months.

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