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    How many browsers do you have installed?

    Yeah i know, i meant old versions like 7. Sometimes you’re required to support IE7 because some people still use it, and if that’s a significant enough part of your demographic you have to take it into account.

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    Thankfully Microsoft is dropping support for old browsers in January or February 2016 and keeping only the most recent browser on current/latest versions of supported Windows.
    Support for IE9 is kept on Vista SP2/Server 2008
    Support for IE10 on Server 2012
    Support for IE11 on W7/W8.1./W10/Server 2008 R2/2012 R2/2016

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    Thankfully I’m not in this boat anymore.
    The company I work for doesn’t support anything under IE9 (glad they finally listened to me on that one) for any of our websites or webapps, and I haven’t had any freelance clients that had a high enough demand to justify legacy browser support.

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    We’ll have to support 9 and 10 for a while, at least. I work for an FMO (health insurance stuff) and, well…the industry is pretty far from "current" standards on tech.
    Until Microsoft forces people to upgrade (oh, to think how much easier my life would be if they’d do this…), we’ll have to support 9 and 10 or the majority of our agent base will have subpar experience.

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