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    Recommend me a note sharing app

    If you want to do something like that, then I’d say maybe buy a cheap wacom tablet and a decent mic to record yourself talking and you can just record your screen with Quicktime on your MBP. I don’t really know any good annotating software, what I used in that gfycat is an app called Skitch, there’s probably something better out there for your needs.

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    If I understand correctly, what you want to do is interactive e-learning authoring and such (like Khan Academy lessons). In this case what is commonly considered a note-sharing app (like OneNote or Evernote) isn’t enough, but you rather need a screencasting software, that let’s you record what are you doing actively on the screen.
    A screencasting software, combined with a pen enabled PC (like a surface) or a Wacom tablet plus PC combo, lets you record whatever you are doing on the screen with the pen (or mouse or keyboard), whatever is the program you are using.
    For example recording yourself making comments on a PDF within a PDF reader, or writing down notes and formulas on OneNote or another blank note taking app… Since it records everything, you can embed videos, internet pages and so on.
    The Wikipedia page for comparison of screencast software is a good starting point, there are many software available and some are free, too (mainly for Windows). ActivePresenter seems a good option and the free version supports many functionalities and MPEG4/AVI output recording (even WebM).
    Additionally as I said you’ll need either a pen-enabled windows tablet (the Surface 3 could be worth considering) or a Wacom tablet, at least if you want to do handwritten inputs.

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    Software: OneNote can provide basic functionality = you could speak and write in the note and kids could play it (listen + see equations appearing).
    If you want something that would enable you to make a proper learning tutorial that uses more than simple text appearing with some voice over, you should be looking for screencast stuff. I used Camtasia. Good but not free. You should probably start with something free and grab not-free stuff when free ones fall short.
    Hardware: you definitely need something with pen as mouse is painful for math. I suggest you buy a device you will find useful for other stuff as well = Windows tablet with pen support. It is more expensive, but I believe you will find it more useful.
    The only situation where I would go with Wacom as the better option is if you would like to show kids some demanding calculations or 3D graphs in Mathematica mixed with pen input stuff (if you plan to show them Mathematica separate of pen solving I still suggest Windows tablet as the better option).

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