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    Music Streaming Service

    Even though the Verge pretends it doesn’t exist, Google Music is by far the best service for me personally
    Playlist suggestions/radio – check
    Massive on-demand library – check
    App and Web interface – check
    Can upload own music – check
    Family subscription – check
    Podcast support – check
    Alone it’s one of the best throw in YT Red/Music Key and it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

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    I enjoy it! I’m not an avid music fan, so I like being able to choose a genre and go with whatever is suggested.
    The playlists based on time of day are good too – mostly it will have one of the things I’m doing, and one of the genres I like to, to choose from.
    I think the free (ad-supported) service will let you check out the radio/discovery function, or alternatively I think right now it’s a 3 or 4 month free trial period if you sign up – give it a go!

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    I grudgingly use Spotify. I like it is available everywhere, including on Sonos and Alexa (I use both). And now with the ability to use Sonos from the Spotify app, it is even better.
    But I find their music recommendations to be off all the time. For lack of a better word, and at the risk of sounding like an old fart, they tend to skew newer. Just because i listened to, say, Depeche Mode’s Violator (still an excellent album) does not mean I want to listen to some brand new twee electro indie pop thingymajing. I’d say their "Discover Weekly" feature has about a 25% success rate for me.
    Apple Music, on the other hand, seems to know me better than I do myself, but the app is so so and integration with Sonos is weak.
    I had high hopes for Amazon Music but integration with Songs is weak and their desktop clients have no "play next" feature for some insane reason.
    I have tried Google Play Music, Deezer, Groove and all the others.

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    I’ve been using Google Play and Apple Music, and it’s been clear to me for the last few months that Apple Music doesn’t have enough to keep me interested (the On-demand Beats 1 shows aren’t showcased all that well, and that was all that captivated me).
    Google Play recommendations leave me with nothing to complain about, whether that be the dynamically created radio or the predefined radio stations. But really, it’s YouTube Red included that makes it the easy recommendation from me.

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