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    Searching for the perfect laptop that hits four key points

    I went through this about half a year ago and had a similar wish list (though in the end I ended up getting a MacBook Pro). Ench’s recommendation of the Surface Book 2 is probably your best option. I think there are some Lenovo options but not convertible.

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    Planning to buy a windows laptop (light weight one) and battery life is the only criteria.
    No games. Just light surfing and couple of office 365 documents opened.
    Chrome and Office 365 are the main software applications installed.
    want something which has a good battery life as this will be used for travel.
    Any suggestions?

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    Check out the Dell XPS 13. My wife used to have the 15 for work, and the screens on those are gorgeously high-res. Though you’d probably want to stick to the 1080p version, which can get 15 hours of battery life according to Laptop Mag. Engadget got 10 hours with the 4K screen version.
    The best battery is probably still going to be the Surface Book 2 though. Engadget got over 20 hours when testing the 15" model.
    As always, read up of the individual battery tests.

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