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    Any predictions on prices going down for GPU, Memory and SSD in 2018?

    Agreed. I bought a 250 GB Samsung Evo 850 SSD __in February 2016 for $93 on Amazon. I just checked and they are now going for $85. Let’s hope this continues. I’d like to put a 500GB into the build. I haven’t priced out the m.2 versions.

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    Is the NAS one of the newer Synologys? I’ve been looking into the DS918+ since it looks like it would be able to host my Plex server nicely and I’ve been looking for peoples’ opinions.

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    yes it is one of new synology units
    we only required the DS1517+
    it is a good balance of 4Gbit bonded theough to network and a 6Gbit M.2 cache. I am also effectively using the M.2 drive as the NAS and the HDD drives are resting easy.
    there is a lot of caution still around Synology with SFP+ to provide 10Gbit to your network so I ended up avoiding that – special note, if you do want it… then really check the model, maybe talk to their support team because in the model I bought for example there is only one expansion slot for either M.2 or SFP+

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    SSDs will continue how they have been.
    RAM should drop a bit, but not back to the levels it was back in the good old days
    Graphics cards are anyone’s guess – because AMD doesn’t have a competitive product (at least not one they can produce in volume and make a decent margin on) Nvidia can do pretty much whatever they like (sort of like pre-Ryzen Intel)

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