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    Mine is 4-5 years old. Bought it in the spring of 2013.
    Sony Vaio Pro 13 came with Win8.1 and then got the upgrade to Win10. Right after that, Sony sold of the Vaio brand and support started dying off. It was still a great laptop though.
    The touchscreen died shortly after updating to Win10 and the trackpad is very unreliable. I still use it but have to carry a mouse around.
    It’s due for retirement in 2018, I’ll most likely go for a desktop and tablet to replace it though.

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    How old is your laptop?

    Dell XPS M1330 since 2008. It does have upgrades over the years to make it more bearable that include 256 GB SSD, 6 GB of RAM, and a WiFi ac card. Youtube at 1080p is like a sideshow. But it’s running Windows 10 like a champ. I am waiting for the X1 Yoga 3rd Gen with OLED.

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    Lenovo Y580 core i7 GTX 660M—- Mfg date 12/08/17
    An architect here and had my eyes on Macbook pro 15" back there but the Lenovo offer more at lower price.
    Still running 3dmax & Vray like a champ with original component and I think it can last until the SurfaceBook Pro show up it able to render all this scene in 3-5 mins which still bearable. (first draft)

    ps. Going to swap SSD in to it soon. I made tons of money out of this machine. Love it and will only replace it with the SurfaceBook …in due time.

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