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    Is a Mini ITX Case suitable for gaming?

    Just pick a case with enough room for a full length GPU and decent cooling and you’ll be fine. Instead of cube designs you can also get HTPC-like cases like the Silverstone ML08 or Fractal Design Node 202

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    Thanks. I did some more searching and saw those Silverstone and Fractal Design slim cases. I’m dreading the cable management with these cases.
    I also discovered the issue with crypto currency driving the demand and price for GPUs. Not cool. And SSD and memory prices have also crept up, not down. Not a good time to be building a pc it seems.

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    You’ll be fine as long as you don’t skimp on cooling. Small form factor PC’s already hold heat so make sure you go with a reputable brand cooler. I’d go with Noctua or Cryorig if you’re not going the AIO route.
    As far as cases go, I’d pick the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift. If you’re on a budget, the Fractal Design Node 202 will do but it’ll be more of a squeeze. It’s also only a bit larger than an Xbox One.
    Right now is kind of a bad time to be building though tbh. Prices suck; even used.

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    Understood. I have a 55" TCL Roku 4K HDR tv that the reviews say is pretty decent for gaming. But I’m not a serious gamer so I can’t say for now that it is or isn’t. We just have a regular PS4 hooked up to it right now.

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