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    Evernote wants to convince you to pay up - or use something else

    This was always bound to happen with a service like Evernote. It couldn’t be free forever and it couldn’t get the scale required to make advertising work well, the only option was paid tiers (and the economics of paid tiers for niche-ish programs requires relatively high pricing since so few people are willing to pay anything at all).

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    What’s really changing?
    I see free users are getting passcode lock so that’s good…
    I personally only use it on my iPhone and very, very rarely on my desktop (because I can’t stand the constant and to be honest pretty slow syncing)
    I did use it offline a lot, as I work in 8ft thick concrete bunkers, but even those now have Wi-Fi in. I do save attachments from emails such as PDFs and .doc files but not entire emails.
    I think I’ll be alright? Maybe I’m not a typical user… at the end of the day and the worst comes to the worst I’ll move back over to OneNote

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    I’ve switched to OneNote. I prefer the structure and UI of Evernote, but this restriction is quite ridiculous. I know they need to make money, obviously, but they should do that with Premium incentives, not by completely crippling the free product. If they hadn’t done this, I would’ve stayed with them, and eventually paid for more storage and the other advantages once I used it for university notes. But now I’m switching to OneNote, which I can use on as many devices as I like, with the added bonus of 1TB of storage as I have Office 365 – even if I wasn’t paying for Office, there would still be 15GB of free space vs. 60MB per month for Evernote.
    Essentially, it’s a very bad business decision by Evernote. Maybe restricting it to 5 devices would make sense… but 2 is simply ridiculous.

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