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    How Do You Use Your Cloud Storage?


    I use Skydrive (75GB total storage) to sync my entire Documents, Music, Pictures & Videos folders, which is then kept in sync on the two of my PCs, plus all my Office stuff is saved to there. (It took ages to upload 50GB worth but it’s fine now IMO). I also have my Music library (all FLAC files) uploaded to Google Music (but not using the auto-matching system, i wish there was a way to turn that off globally for Google Music, not on a per-track basis).
    Other than that, I don’t use any others.

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    I use Dropbox for all my personal and business files on the computer that isn’t music or videos. I subscribe to the 100GB $10 per month plan with Pack Rat ($4/mo) so it saves every revision you do to every file. That has been a lifesaver since deleting or overwriting files is inevitable. Especially working with Photoshop files.
    I use Google Music for all my music, and subscribe to Rdio as well. I have a Google+ account I sync all my photos to. The new editing features are really impressive. I also have Google Drive, but I don’t really use it for anything other than Google Docs functionality.

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    Right now I’ve got 100GB in Dropbox that I use for auto upload for my camera which I’ve scripted on my Mac to auto import into iPhoto. I also use this for all my work I have to work on a Mac, PC, Galaxy S3, Nexus 7 and iPad 3 so speed is incredibly important for me. I need things instantly on all my devices and Google Drive just wasn’t fast enough for me. Speaking of which…
    I have 60GB in Google Drive right now which is basically old documents, a movie or two, some backups of certain programs. I also use this to get my pictures to different social networks as sharing them out of my two android devices is easier and I like G+ auto enhance features.

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