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    You remember that redesign facebook announced early 2013...

    They axed the redesign because of bad reception, apparently; they’re going back to the drawing board, but it seems the single percentage of users who already have it will get to keep it for now, which is no-one I know. It’s a shame, because the redesign looks great, especially when compared to the current, boring design.

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    Where did you hear they axed it? They surely spent a lot of time designing this and it solves a lot of their problems and also gives them big areas for ads.

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    I remember joining the waiting list, though I’m still waiting for it. One of my friends got into the redesign without even entering the waiting list. I’m surprised if it’s true they axed it – from what I can see of their video it looks quite a bit better than the older design I’m stuck with.

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    I’ve been on the waiting list since the day they announced it. I was actually planning to start using Facebook a lot more after getting access to the redesign, however I haven’t used Facebook more than once every few months since!

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