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    This post critical of Google got me banned from /r/technology on Reddit

    Well, what you posted is not true per se, spam is considered more than one message, and G+ allows only one email.
    But still, gues a Googly fanboy got you deleted

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    That was not critical post, it was just accusatory. You are using wrong the “critical posts” because you don’t understand that critic highlights the good features/sides and can simply points what needs improvements if even wanted to mention them. Being critical doesn’t mean you are negative or you highlight or search faults and bad features/sides, just the opposite.

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    Considering how many upvotes it got (clearly more than downvotes), many people seem to have had the same view as he does.
    If someone didn’t like it, it’s not a warrant for a ban still.

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    Well it’s inaccurate, they also let everyone with a Facebook account to “spam your inbox” also everyone with a Pinterest account, and even those with the audacity to not be affiliated with any social network to send you emails, that how email works.
    Also it’s not quite “spam”, there are nuances and safeguards you’re ignoring, here’s a useful FAQ:

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