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Thread: OLED vs. 4K

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    OLED vs. 4K

    Buy any of the best 55+ inch ones from Sony or Samsung (avoid non oled LG tvs). Check out for good technical reviews and for gaming they measure the response time of the TV too.

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    If you want to use a TV for PC gaming, expect a noticeable amount of display lag which could make some games rather unplayable. You’ll probably want to go for a Samsung, as those seem to have the lowest rates of display lag across the board for their current-year models while running in PC mode. OLED has great color reproduction for gaming, but those displays are a bit pricey compared to what you could spend today to get a good 4K LED TV

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    You can get excellent LCD tv’s with localized backlight dimming and HDR support which could be a good enough alternative to OLED. That way you are more future proof considering it’s 4k as well.

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    One year ago, I bought a 4K Sony XBR55850B television because the LG OLED was about $1,000 more for a 1080p of the same size. The Sony has amazing picture quality and great latency – especially in gaming mode – but oh how I WISH I had sprung for the OLED. Now, one year later, the OLED have come down even further in price making them comparable to what I spent on the 4K. No amount of local dimming and other features can reach the level of contrast that OLED gives you with per-pixel lighting. I’ve tweaked my TV to hell and back, but very dark scenes still have a grey wash to them due to the LED backlight. Once I pay off this TV (thank goodness for 0% financing), I fully intend to sell it and get an OLED instead. It makes a world of difference, especially for movies and television.
    tl;dr GO OLED!

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    I also thought I should mention that
    (a) there is still very little true 4K content available.
    (b) 4K only matters at certain screen sizes at fixed distances. The bigger the screen and the closer you sit, the more valuable the increased pixel density becomes. You would need to be sitting about 6 feet away from a 60" TV for it to be overtly noticeable versus 1080p…
    Gaming in 4K currently requires a substantial investment in graphical horsepower to be considered playable, much less at 60 FPS.
    4K is really just a marketing ploy of debatable value, in order to sell people more TVs each year. The real future lies in picture technology, not higher and higher resolutions.

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