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    What should I ask for at work?

    Would the Surface 3 work (not the Pro)? I imagine your university has some kind of contract with Dell or somebody like that though and would prefer to give you the Dell. My employer (also a public university) just gave our program one of the new Dell Inspiron models (cannot remember which one, unfortunately) and it is surprisingly nice. Not as nice as a MacBook Air or Pro, but less than 1/3 of the price (wouldn’t really address your concern about bulk).

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    Your requirement is fairly simple, so you can ask for a lightweight like a costeffective ultrabook. Some can be bought under $500.

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    Obviously it comes down to your operating system preference.
    And from there, what’s your budget?
    Obviously if you want a Mac, an Air is an easy pick.
    I kinda think the little 12" beast is just too small for business, but you look and decide for yourself.
    If you like Windows, I currently love the Dell XPS 13. So lovely and thin, but a bit pricey.
    I like the ASUS UX303 series ultrabooks too. A bit cheaper, nicely made.
    And the Lenovo Yoga 700 appeals to me too.

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    My personal criteria would be FHD, light, price.
    I would probably select Yoga 700 (just make sure to wipe Lenovo crap and install that Edu version of Windows), while the second option would be Asus UX305. Many other lovely devices, such as XPS13, are more expensive and I doubt your employer would be too keen on buying those. But as you have MacBook now money might not be that much of an issue and you can probably look at stuff up to 1.5k. Tons of great devices available.
    If you prefer Apple devices, Air has crappy screen so I would avoid it. I would get 13" MBP, MB could be a consideration as well if just a single port is good enough for you.

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