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    Oculus VR founder: We'll support Mac 'if Apple ever releases a good computer'

    It’s interesting that Apple has not put in the effort to either maximize their GPU output or provide higher end MAC’s with better GPU’s, or that Oculus has such high system requirements. I tend to believe the former since my nephew says he can’t stand gaming on a MAC even though he bleeds Apple products.

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    The market for Mac Pros are CPU centric, hence why they come equipped with Xeons and not i7s.
    Also, the Firepro line is like the Quadro and Tesla line. They have massive amounts of memory and are more geared towards CPU like workloads. They aren’t gaming GPUs. I don’t think Apple has ever really prioritized gaming in their systems in the last couple of years.

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    The market for Mac Pros are OpenCL centric, hence why you can’t even buy one without dual GPUs.
    Xeons are largely the same as i7s, but with support for ECC memory. Some people have bought lower end Xeons for gaming rigs and that worked just fine, and was the one place you could get Intel CPUs without GPUs bolted on.
    FirePros are Radeons with different drivers that are certified for professional apps. The chip itself is identical, perhaps configured with different numbers of shaders at most. In fact, on the Mac Pro, booting into Windows just shows them as standard Radeon chips, while since Apple controls the driver under OSXthey show up as Firepros there.

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    was the one place you could get Intel CPUs without GPUs bolted on.
    It still is, actually, for some Xeons. But I wonder if that extra die space is used at all? It doesn’t look like Xeons without GPUs outperform Xeons with GPUs in compute tasks, and the Xeons with GPUs aren’t more expensive last I checked.
    I am unsure about the above, though, so cold hard facts will be welcome.

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    iirc I think the main appeal was it was the cheapest way to get into an Intel quad equivalent to an i5, as you weren’t paying for the GPU die space. There may have been some benefits to it staying in turbo longer as the GPU wasn’t taking any TDP, but I’m not sure there.
    So some of the (I think e3 series?) Xeons were between i3 and i5 pricing, but with four cores like an i5.

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    I have a Firepro M5100 for work by the way, it’s exactly the same as the equivalent Radeon but for better testing and certification against pro apps like Blender, AutoCAD, Mudbox, etc.

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