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    Simplest Way to Migrate to SSD?

    dd is your friend, and it’s a piece of cake if your SSD is the same size or larger than HDD. It took me like 20 minutes to swap the 128GB SSD out and put a 256GB in for my Macbook Pro.
    Things get way more complicated if your SSD is smaller than the HDD. There are softwares that would do this but the general idea is that you have to move enough data off of the HDD then shrink the partition of the HDD so that it would fit on the SSD. Now the process of shrinking a partition could take a REALLY long time, and might not even succeed at all. Most of the times, you’d be better off reinstalling Windows and copy data over.

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    yeah, dd is linux and unix or other similar systems, probably not working on Windows. You could try Windows backup:
    But I’m not optimistic about a smaller drive being used to restore from a larger drive. I would just reinstall Windows.

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    Correction: dd doesn’t give a damn what OS you use — it’s cloning drives at the hardware level, sector by sector, block by block. That’s why it’s also dangerous — everything dd does is irreversible and there’s absolutely no safety net.
    You just need to boot your computer up using a Linux live CD like Ubuntu or Mint.

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    I meant that dd is a Unix program, ie only executes on Unix or Linux (or another similar system), unless there’s a Windows port somewhere (probably a pain to get working). Yes it doesn’t care about what data it is manipulating.
    You just need to boot your computer up using a Linux live CD like Ubuntu or Mint.
    Correction: you can also use Unix, like FreeBSD.

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