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    Celeste Wow Just Wow

    Didn’t know there was a C. Gives me more reason to play lol. I just beat the game yesterday but still have some b sides to do lol. The boss battle was one of the funnest times I had playing a game in years.

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    I’m not sure if you have to complete all B-sides or just the level 8 B-side to unlock, but get used to doing things you never thought the game would force you to do, let alone consistently execute in order to pass later B-sides, like air juggling and vertical wall boosting.

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    I love this game. So far finished the main story and the first two B-sides. Found most of the strawberries. For one of the hearts I had to check online, I would have never figured out how to get it in a million years.
    I never enjoyed any of the previous high difficulty platformers like Super Meat Boy etc., so it’s very new to me. Definitely a steep learning curve. But the movement in this game feels great, the graphics are beautiful, and they even did a good job with the story.

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