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    Instagram advertises fraudulent website.

    That’s crazy! Never expected any platform to sponsor fraudulent websites, what a pity… I hope Instagram (and every social media site) further checks these sites before they sponsor them to insure that their users not only get scammed, but to also insure that their accounts, email, and credit cards are safe as well.

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    Add another item to the list of why i use an ad blocker. I wouldn’t ever want to be drawn to an ad like that. And I really wouldn’t want family members clicking on ads. Recode just had a story about all the fake lock smiths that show up as ads on google search results. These companies (Google, Facebook) have no incentive not to take the money and turn the other way.

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    I think it would have been difficult for Instagram to verify whether those items were stolen or not. I mean, how would you even go about doing that? Not to mention, the amount of time and energy it would take Instagram to carry out a thorough check with each and every advertiser. Just a thought.

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    I’ve seen MacKeeper ads right here on the Verge, in one of those scammy "sponsored" spots that tricks you into thinking it’s a Verge article. Just goes to show you can never be too careful, no matter where you are.

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    Not saying the site actually IS legit, but your iPhone screenshot shows while the Mac one says
    Not the same page.

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