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    The Verge's ads are getting terrable

    It’s to the point where ads take the full screen on my phone and prevent scrolling (They seem to register a scroll as a "click" on the ad, forcing me to find white space or native page to flick the page up enough so I can scroll down past)

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    I’d say report those ads by emailing and they’ll sort it.
    Screenshots and links to the ad helps, I’ve had a few issues with full screen ads on mobile and the support team were prompt in dealing with it.

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    Sure, but the problem is that The Verge has little or no leverage when it comes to "rogue" ads, since all they can do is request their ad provider look into it. Eventually it becomes a "well, we can’t do anything about it" stance, so the whole method feels pretty ineffectual.

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    I have little faith in the Verge support as it’s been months since I filed a ticket for issues with forum post formatting and I still haven’t heard back.
    Even then, this topic had came up before and I’m pretty sure a staff member popped in and said that the ad implementation is pretty much managed by Vox itself, not the Verge staff.
    I think the big issue is that the ad system detects mobile devices and displays ads that are designed to fit the viewport, which is annoying even generally speaking (it’s like revenge of the Pop Ups), but even worse it’s ill implemented when the ad is inline as opposed to taking the full screen in an [awful] overlay. Beyond that I could see the issue of scrolling attributable to poor response to touch input (I.E detecting touch as a mouse click)

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    Hmm, let’s check how it looks on my mobile device right now . . .

    Yup, looks about right – the top of the website is completely covered in a full page spam-vertisement.

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