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    STARDEW VALLEY IS LIFE (also your fav game of 2017)

    My favorite is still BotW.
    My second is now Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
    I haven’t looked at Stardew Valley. What exactly about it makes it a must have?

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    I haven’t looked at Stardew Valley. What exactly about it makes it a must have?
    The core loop of farming, watering, selling for profit, and farming again is really fun, and quite well done (barring the initial abuse of cranberries which has been patched).
    There’s lots of activities to do. Fishing, Dungeoning, getting all the touching little scenes with the NPC’s.
    Speaking of the NPC’s, they are cheerful, pleasant, but without the saccharine veil of similar games. They feel like real developed characters, with genuine flaws and aspirations. There’s also lots of personality and visual storytelling for all of them, and the town as a whole.
    The writing is great, with complex characters, good dialogue, but without taking itself too seriously. The music is catchy and polished. The art is wonderfully consistent and whimsical.
    The game is relaxed, and it’s relaxing to play. There aren’t really any timed challenges, so you can play at your own pace and really feel like a part of the little town.
    I could go on. I’ll admit it may not be for everyone, but it may be my favorite game of all time.

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    Would’ve commented something similar myself, but there’s no need. If you’re down for some fun, harmless, lighthearted gaming, there’s hardly a better game to go to.
    (Though all-time, Stardew Valley is definitely behind the Mario Galaxy games, the Portal games (#portal3iscoming (#notreally)), and Antichamber.)

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