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    Next Keyboard

    Same here. I’ve been looking forward to this keyboard since last year but didn’t back the KS. Now I’m using the iOS 9 keyboard which added a lot of features that Next keyboard touted during their KS so now it’s a lot less compelling especially considering that the swipe typing isn’t present right now. But like you said, iOS third party keyboard stuff has been buggy in the past and I haven’t tried it out in awhile. I’m a big fan of the keyboard on WP so I’m hopeful that MS will one day bring it over.

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    I just think Apple is just trying to sabotage all these third party keyboards because they are taking so long to address the issues that consumers are having with third party keyboards. Crashes, bugs, etc. Unfortunately I don’t see this ending any time soon

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    It does switch back to the stock keyboard from time to time, this is a problem that ALL 3rd party keyboards will have. It is a problem with how Apple locks down iOS, not hating it’s just the truth.
    I love the way that Next Keyboard looks, the Kickstarter theme is my favorite. It has plenty of "free" themes and stickers. My only complaint is they didn’t add swipe texting in the official release, I have spoken with Next and they said they will add it in future updates.

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    Don’t really trust any third party keyboard now, I brought a few when I got my iPhone 6 and I could only bear them for a few days. I tried SwiftKey again recently after I read an article saying it stopping crashing/going back too the stock keyboard. I got some Themes too, its still useless. Maybe iOS 9 will fix it but I’m not holding my breath.

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    Bought it, find it kinda overrated. Only semi-useful feature is the ability to move the cursor using the space bar, and even that has limitations because you can only move backwards and forwards.
    Type prediction is horrible, practically non-existent. It will probably get better, but not worth the money at the moment.

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